Investment Opportunites

There is an active economic environment in Cross River State, with current GDP values up to approximately $9.25 billion in 2010. However, the scope for investment continually remains open for new players to enter and expand in. The key market opportunities available in Cross River today are:

Investment Incentives

Cross River State has, in a short while, been able to transform itself into a prime destination for private sector investment among Nigeria's states. The presence of several factors and privileges serve to make Cross River the go-to state for growth industries.

Why Cross River?

Cross River’s fast growing economy reflects its strategic location with arable land suitable for a variety of crops, vast deposits of diverse solid minerals, beautiful mountains and forests, and reputation as being a safe place to work and live. The state government has built on these advantages by making it one of the top four states ranked...

At IPB, we make investing in Cross River easy.

The Cross River State Investment Promotion Bureau coordinates and monitors investment promotion activities in the state. We also collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information about investment opportunities and incentives in Cross River State, and assist incoming and existing investors by providing support services. 

We open and maintain liaison between investors, MDAs, institutional lenders and other stakeholders, ensuring a conducive atmosphere exists for investment to occur.

Our vision is to make Cross River the nation’s investment hub, thereby ensuring socio–economic development.

Paradise is profitable. Let's show you how...

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